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Inspiring Gifted and Creative Students

Mackintosh Academy has a one-of-a-kind learning environment that nurtures the seeds of unique potential in every student.

A PreK-8 progressive, independent school for gifted and creative learners, our school is designed for children who are by nature curious, creative, and highly driven to learn. We recognize the whole child and cultivate innovative thinkers, balanced learners, and caring individuals.

At Mackintosh Academy, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in a new kind of education, uniquely meaningful and inspiring, built to prepare our gifted and creative students for a successful future in this uncertain world.
Mackintosh Academy offers:

  • Low student-teacher ratios, allowing for personalized instruction for diverse learning styles, designed to bring out the gifts in each student.
  • Balanced IQ and EQ. Gifted students need support that not only addresses their mind but also their hearts and bodies. We believe that empathy, compassion, and other social-emotional skills are core to our children’s development.
  • Personalized, child-centered approach. Recognizing each student’s unique gifts, we tailor the depth, speed and complexity of our lessons to the child’s needs and learning capacities. Our school-wide math block means that rather than grouping children by age, students work in groups suited to individual levels. Students help direct their studies based on individual curiosities, questions, and preferred activities, while still ensuring standards are being addressed.
  • Hands-on, inquiry-based learning. Gifted and creative learners thrive on the challenge of meaningful questions and problems worth solving. An authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) school, Mackintosh emphasizes hands-on, inquiry-based learning with an internationally accredited academic program. Students leave Mackintosh competitive, confident, and prepared to flourish in our complex and quickly changing world.
  • Collaborative environment. We incorporate teamwork and group projects into our curriculum to develop students’ collaborative skillsets. Collaborative learning not only fosters intellectual capacity but students’ ability to solve problems with a variety of peers—qualities needed to thrive in the 21st century.
I needed a place where my daughter would be appreciated for her curiosity, her questions, her energy, and her leadership qualities.
~ Mackintosh Parent
When I finally visited Mackintosh, I was astounded. HERE were all these kids just like mine. Active. Inquisitive. Detailed. Engaged. The classrooms were stimulating, the learning hands-on, and the students were alive, delving more deeply into topics than any other school I had ever seen.

~ Mackintosh Parent

When I came to Mack, I felt like I had finally found my “tribe” of kids who were smart, caring, and sometimes kind of quirky – just like me.

~ Mackintosh Alum

Curious Minds Make Many Connections

Mackintosh takes a cross-disciplinary approach to traditional subjects. Our teachers draw from a variety of methods to meet the needs of their students.

A single class may use several math or reading books simultaneously with children moving from group to group or class-to-class depending on their individual needs. Teachers adjust their expectations to fit the abilities of the children.

Our “specials” classes — P.E., Spanish, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts — are deeply connected with the work being done in the main classroom. Artwork, Spanish vocabulary, performances, and physical education reflect and complement the class Unit of Inquiry.

Mackintosh Academy Littleton