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At Mackintosh Academy, gifted and creative students truly thrive to their full potential. Our students crave the challenge of meaningful questions and real-world problems worth solving. Our inquiry-based IB curriculum incorporates challenging academics and also integrates the arts, physical education, world language, and technology through interdisciplinary learning.


We believe academic knowledge is only part of the big picture. We seek to grow courageous risk takers, good communicators, and powerful innovators who meet the world wholeheartedly and bring a sense of balance to all they do. Social-emotional growth is a daily practice, integrated into our curriculum.


Our IB curriculum encourages design thinking, innovation and sustainability so that students can become meaningful contributors and socially responsible citizens of the world. We strive every day to be a wise, compassionate, collaborative, innovative, diverse and sustainable center for teaching and learning.


At Mackintosh, we believe in the seed of unique potential in each student, and that learning isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation. Responsive classrooms help students spark a love of all kinds of learning.

Taking IB principles to new heights

An official International Baccalaureate (IB) World School since 2006, Mackintosh Academy joins 5000 schools in 150 countries worldwide in preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world through inquiry-based learning.

Our IB curriculum:

  • Encourages students to think as global citizens, and to be meaningful contributors and socially responsible citizens in the world.
  • Addresses the whole child—the social, emotional, physical, cultural needs of children, in addition to academic challenges.
  • Emphasizes conceptual study and project-based learning to create opportunities for exploration, active learning, and meaningful connections across subject areas.

IB also means inquiry-based learning

At Mackintosh, we believe the questions are as important as the answers. Inquiry is at the heart of Mackintosh Academy’s philosophy. Students and teachers at Mackintosh never stop asking why, so what, and now what? Lines of inquiry provide a roadmap for students to travel, while optimizing knowledge, curiosity, and creative learning. Inquiry-based curriculum hones students’ self-initiative, organization, collaboration, communication, informational literacy, and high-level thinking skills. Mackintosh Academy’s IB program focuses on units of inquiry spread across the primary- and middle-school years. Each unit includes a theme of study explored across multiple disciplines, from reading and writing, to math, sciences, social studies, arts, world language, and even PE. Each unit culminates in student projects, which are the hallmark of our program.

I love the idea of inquiry-based learning.  I didn’t know much about it before Mackintosh, but once I understood what it meant, I knew it was the perfect fit for my child.
Mackintosh Parent

Mackintosh Academy Littleton