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Mackintosh Academy’s application process ensures that our school is an excellent fit for your student.

Through the application process, we get to know each child and the child’s first teachers—you, their parents! Together, we consider insights and seek to understand your child as a unique learner.

Want to learn more before applying? We encourage you to attend one of our open house events.

Step One

Parent Conversation

The application process starts with a parent conversation via phone or Google Meet, during which we explore your child’s needs, strengths, learning experiences, and your aspirations for them. In turn, you can ask more specific questions about our program and admissions process. From there we’d be happy to schedule an in-person meeting and tour of our campus and classrooms. This is an important first step to uncovering whether your student will thrive at Mackintosh.
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Step Two


The full picture of your child is quintessential to the Mackintosh admissions process. We consider a range of evidence — their abilities, aptitudes, and potential giftedness — as well as results from cognitive testing. We also consider factors such as a child’s curiosity and enthusiasm.  We are happy to provide you a list of providers for testing services.
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Step Three

Student Visit

After application submission, your child is invited to a visit day so that they can experience a day in the Mack classroom and meet classmates and teachers. During this visit, our team can get to know the child and complete some informal assessments. Visits will be conducted between November 15 and February 10.

students in colorful outfits illustrating the application process

Could Mackintosh be a good fit for your child?

Is your kid a Mack kid?

  • Is your child an inquirer who asks challenging questions?
  • Do they always need to know “why” or “how” when they are learning?
  • Do they like to go deep into a subject (though maybe not always in school)?
  • Are they sensitive, caring and perceptive, often surprising you with their insights?
  • Are they great with puzzles, numbers or reading or do they have a great vocabulary?
  • Are they “fine” at school or even struggling but you sense they have great potential?
  • When you see them in school, do you sometimes miss the amazing, creative, caring and spirited child you once knew?

If you answered “yes” to several of these questions, your child could be a Mack kid. We encourage you to reach out to find out more about who we are and what we do at Mackintosh Academy Littleton. We are always happy to hear from new families.

Questions About Admissions? We're here to help.

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