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Mackintosh Academy offers limited extended child care, as well as a variety of after-school enrichment programs.



Extended Care

The extended care program is designed to offer a safe place for children to be on campus outside of regular school hours.  Activities will typically include outdoor play, drawing, games, and building with blocks or Legos.  A quiet homework time will be provided to allow older students in after care to start on homework assignments.

After Care Hours: 3:00-4:00 pm children under the age of five.  3:00-5:30 pm ages five and up.

Cost: $15/hour for the first child, $12/hour for second and subsequent siblings in the same family, attending at the same time.  Extended care will be billed monthly through FACTS and is payable within 20 days.

Restrictions:  There will be no extended care the first two days of school.  Extended care is not available on early dismissal days, regularly scheduled holidays, or PD days.

Before/After School Enrichment Programs

Before school, we offer both Choir (fourth grade and up) and the Do Gooders Club (third grade and up). The Do Gooders serve as the heart and soul of our student initiatives, dedicated to fostering a sense of spirit and service within our school community. Moreover, they contribute to our school community by curating a student newsletter and lending a hand in our greenhouse program.

After school, we partner with high-quality local organizations to provide a robust selection of after-school enrichment programs that rotate each semester. Cooking, fencing, art, soccer, and tabletop games are some activities that have been offered.

For up-to-date information about these programs or to enroll, contact our front office staff by phone at (303) 794-6222 or by email.

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