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The holiday season officially kicks off this month with the candy fest that is Halloween.  How do you help your children (and yourself) stay sane and get the most out of the season?  Educational consultant Mary Smid Newman, MA will offer a recipe for keeping your balance – and keeping children connected to their hearts – from Halloween to New Years.

Who:  Mary Smid Newman, MA

What:  Taming the Holidays (Parent Education Workshop)

When: October 22, 7:00-8:00 (tour offered 6:00-7:00)

Where:  Mackintosh Littleton, 7018 S Prince St

Holiday spirits begin to soar just before Halloween arrives and the fever pitch escalates just before the winter break. Families can easily be swept from one festive event to another dismantling the regular routine and rhythms that provide consistency and structure on a daily basis. This holiday season strategize your events with your children and calendar. Help them negotiate the highs and lows of parties, goodies, late nights and frenzied shopping trips. Keep in mind that while the holidays are about receiving, one of the best recipes for heartfelt appreciation is through being of service and giving to those in need. Creating gift baskets of gently used books, clothing, toys, or sports equipment for others, singing for seniors, or writing letters to our armed forces overseas are all activiites that can help children give of themselves. The holidays are a great excuse for interactive cooperative games, art projects, special reading assignments and beautiful music. If routines and rituals that are common to a family’s daily schedule are honored throughout the entire holiday season, everyone will greet the New Year fresh, rested and full of renewed ambition.


Mary Smid Newman, MA, is an educational consultant working with families in the Greater Metro Denver area for over twenty-five years. Mary specializes in helping families discover the strengths, gifts and potential in students who demonstrate diverse, unique and exceptional processing issues. Mary incorporates foundation horsemanship to help students improve their overall physical condition, memory, attention, visual-spatial awareness, social skills and interpersonal relationships. For information regarding parent workshops, social groups, or individual tutoring please feel free to call Mary at 303-808-4160, or drop her an email at marysmid@mac.com.

Mackintosh Academy Littleton