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“X Peeps” Become “Xperts”: The PYP Exhibition from the Students’ Perspective

By Student Guest Bloggers Grace M. and Henry P. Contributors: David R. and Mrs. Muhich Students enrolled in International Baccalaureate programs across the world end their Primary Years Program, or PYP, with the Exhibition.  Exhibition looks different around the...

Bienvenidos al Mercado! Mack Littleton 5th and 6th Grade Spanish Students Create Latin American Market

¿Cuánto cuesta? ¡Es demasiado! Mack Littleton 5th and 6th graders created a Latin American mercado (market) in alignment with the International Relations Unit of Inquiry. Inspired by a conversation with a student who suggested that it would be fun to have a market,...
Mackintosh Academy Littleton