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Inspiration strikes in the strangest places. Boulder’s observation beehive started with a conversation at a farmer’s market…

Here’s the story from Jenny Bolch, Mack Boulder’s amazing first grade teacher:

I met a man at a farmer’s market in Utah that had an observation bee hive on the table where he was selling honey and knew at once that we needed one for Mack! After an hour of talking to him, I had all the plans needed to build one and was full of inspiration. The observation hive teaches students that they don’t need to be fearful of the honey bees which are vital to pollination and growing food in the US, but also motivates them to learn all about these fascinating creatures. Students have a chance to be real scientists on a daily basis, practicing observation skills, and coming up with questions for the question board posted near the bee hive which other students are invited to answer. Since the installation of the hive, trips to the water fountain have increased dramatically and I often find kids crouched in front of the hive staring mesmerized as the bees come in with pollen on their legs, baby bees hatching, the queen laying eggs, and the hundreds of bees working hard together to build an incredible community.

Now that’s inspiring.

Here’s the hive delivery. Kids spent weeks looking for the “queen.”

Our little scientists in action.

Observing the Bees

Mackintosh Academy Littleton