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By Cory (Scott) Reed, former Littleton Student

Mackintosh Academy is a truly remarkable school, and I’m proud to say I went there for 7 years and graduated in 2009. Very few schools can boast of the immense growth and development for their students both socially and academically found at Mackintosh.

Since graduating, I have not experienced a social environment that could compare to that of Mackintosh Academy. The small size of the school created made cliques and bullying practically impossible—an invaluable improvement over the typical social hierarchy of public schools.

For all of the years I attended, my class was never more than twenty-two kids, and often far smaller. I spent all day, every day with the same people. By the time I graduated, my classmates were some of the best friends I’ve ever had, and those friendships have continued into high school and college.

Academically, Mackintosh Academy created an environment where I could thrive and learn more than I thought was possible. For example, in middle school especially there was a strong emphasis on essay writing. Later on, that head start proved to be a huge help throughout high school and into college. I aced honors language arts with ease for the first 3 years of high school and college level writing during my senior year.

Mackintosh helped me to not only master my strengths, but to also improve my weaknesses. For example, I didn’t even know I wasn’t scientifically oriented until high school because I understood the teaching so well at Mackintosh. Also, the small class sizes allowed my teachers to really get to know me well and assess where I was academically. Because of that I was allowed to complete both sixth and seventh grade in one year, graduating early, and I was still ahead of my classmates in high school.

I graduated from Littleton High School with honors and I am now one of the top of my class in the school of Architecture at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be where I am today without those seven years at Mackintosh Academy.


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