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Seth Godin’s brave manifesto and wonderful talk is a challenge to all of us to ask the question:  What is school for?

Is it a place to control kids? To breed compliance and spark competition?  Or  are we nurturing creative human beings?  Are we growing kids who will be obedient or children who have their own ideas? Kids who know how to take tests or kids with a sense of self-direction, self-awareness, and knowledge of their own strengths and abilities? Children who react to adult request or those who can to self advocate?  Do we want kids that do what they’re told or children that can be agile with their thinking and creative in their solutions?  Kids that know the right answers or those who can figure it out and connect the dots?

Mack has a very clear answer.  What’s yours?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXpbONjV1Jc]


Mackintosh Academy Littleton