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Join us for our Middle Years presentation and information session at Mackintosh’s Boulder campus (6717 South Boulder Road) on Monday, March 3rd at 6 pm.

You’ll find out what the latest neuroscience says about the middle school brain – and what students really need to succeed in this life stage.  (Hint:  it’s about far more than hormones, bullying and social belonging!)

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Mackintosh Academy offers a vigorous program for gifted learners that challenges students to go beyond their comfort zone – to ask meaningful questions and become powerful problem solvers in the world.   This unique Middle Years IB program focusses on inquiry, transdisciplinary learning and design thinking – so that students inquire, learn, act and reflect in a powerful action-learning cycle. At the same time, we nurture supportive, mentoring relationships with teachers and peers so that students can be challenged at their personal edge, take risks and find out what they are truly capable of.  When students know themselves, feel supported and can advocate for how they learn best, they soar through high school and beyond.

At this session, you’ll meet current teachers, parents and students and hear their experiences.  You’ll see how the IB Middle Years Program perfectly blends challenge and inquiry to ignite gifted and creative minds.

At Mack we’re not just teaching students, we’re nurturing each child’s unique genius so that they can live fully up to their potential as innovators, creators, experts and change makers in their chosen fields.

Join us at Mackintosh Academy’s Boulder Campus (6717 South Boulder Road) on Monday, March 3 at 6 pm to learn more.


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