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What do cardboard, duct tape, plastic wrap, one nine year old boy and a whole lot of imagination add up to?  In the case of Cain Monroy it was a whole Arcade full of fun!

In honor of Maker’s Month at Mackintosh, we’re sharing his story here.


You can find out more about this amazing young man on his website: http://cainesarcade.com/

Then come and see what your son or daughter might “make” in our Awesome After School Maker’s Club, Coalesce Studios Building Academy and our Nature Maker’s Club all part of Maker’s Month at Mackintosh (April).  Check out the flyer here.

Caine’s creativity and passion has spawned a world wide movement, inspiring children and fostering creative play with the goal of engaging 1 Million Kids in 70 countries in creative play: www.CardboardChallenge.com

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