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In 2/3 this week, students shared wonderful inventions they designed and built for their summative projects in the Simple Machines Unit. Wow, what these kids built was phenomenal! We saw everything from a dog biscuit dispenser to an ironing, folding machine, a jewel dispenser (to fill our jewel jars), a dog poop picker upper, a safer speed bump, and a M.I.W.A.T. (Mom, I want a towel) machine!

Throughout this unit, our students have learned so much about design, function and perseverance.  In the beginning, students built and explored simple machines: wheel and axle, pulley, screw, wedge, inclined plane, and lever. With this foundational knowledge, students began working with their first design challenges- build an automatic toothpaste dispenser, a bird feeder squirrel trap, and a milk and cereal pourer. They used materials from the design lab and home to build their first compound machines. Great take away learning – students explored multiple designs and learned design and materials greatly impact function! We took our knowledge to the next level and explored Vex robotics.  Students were now in complex machine mode, as these kits have over 650 pieces!  Students worked together to build working robots.  They then tested and raced them (the highlight for many)!

The ultimate challenge was for students to create their own design challenge, build a machine to solve the challenge, and include at least two simple machines in their design.  Each student had an idea and invention as unique and creative as the amazing Mackintosh students they are.  We hope you are as proud of themas we are!

Here’s Shae and her ironing and clothes folding machine


Lucy and her “Dog Bowl” watering machine.



Aneesh and the “Safer Speed Bump”


Trevianna and the amazing jewel dispenser.


Why carry a heavy load?  Dillon and his cool pulley system




Seth and his new and improved bird seed delivery system.. all so his Dad doesn’t have to go out in the cold



Mekhi’s machine will guarantee you will never lose a guitar pick again!


Caleb and his machine hand to pick up hard to reach items



Mackintosh Academy Littleton