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Summer can be a wonderful (and we hate to admit stressful!) time for families with school aged children — especially when your kids are bright, sensitive, high energy and often highly gifted (like so many in the metro area)!
Mackintosh Academy (www.mackintoshacademy.com) is offering a fabulous Segue into Summer Series that kicks off this Tuesday, April 29 at 6:00 to support our parents and kids.

We’ll explore questions like… 
How do you optimize your child’s nutrition in the summer months to keep them healthy and thriving?
How do you nourish the brain over the summer, striking the right balance between boredom and over programming?
What lessons can gifted kids learn from sports (and parents too!)?
How can you help ease the transition from school days into summer fun?  Closing the school year with recognition and ritual.
Excited to make this a powerful and positive time for you and your children?
More Information about our series below!

Segue Into Summer Details

This series of four Tuesday/Thursday evening workshops (6-7:30) promises to help you make the most of the summer months and to optimize this time for you and your family.

We are honored to have the following local professionals offer us their time and expertise on the following subjects, and hope you will join us:1.

  • April 29: Susan Kracklauer, Certified Nutritionist, on Mastering Summer Nutrition
  • May 6: Kerri Honaker, MS, MA, LPC, BCN, and Charity Finch, MS, LPCC, BCN on Brain Strategies for Summer – How to Best Serve the Gifted Child and How Neurofeedback can help
  • May 8: Todd Barto, Youth Sports Coach and member of the Positive Coaching Alliance on The Lesson Gifted Kids (and Parents) Can Learn Through Youth Sports
  • May 13: Catherine Zakoian, MA, LPC on Transitions:  How to Help the Gifted Child with Closure of the 2013/14 School Year and Segue into Summer

These events are open to the community and all will be free except for the last one on May 13 ($10 suggested donation).

Please RSVP if you plan to attend to amy@mackintoshacademy.

Workshop sessions will be held in the Performing Arts room.

We will offer childcare for a $10 per child fee (and will include pizza if there is enough demand!)  YOU MUST RSVP FOR CHILDCARE 48-HOURS IN ADVANCE.

More detailed information can be found below:
1. Topic:       Mastering Summer Nutrition

Who:         Susan Kracklauer, Certified Nutritionist
When:       Tuesday, April 29, 6-7:30 pm
Cost:         Free

Join Mackintosh parent and Certified Nutrition Therapist Susan Kracklauer for a presentation on “Mastering Summer Nutrition” – how to best support summer activities and developing brains through nutrition!  You will learn about foods that provide the best nutrients for growing bodies and brains, easy sack lunches and on-the-go nourishment for summer camps and activities and tools to help get picky eaters out of a rut before the next school year.  We will look at how to take advantage of home gardening and farmers market in ways that will support both your kids and family, and even take away some family-friendly recipes!  Plus, there will be delicious snacks to sample from a local-foods meal service, Back to the Basics Kitchen!

2. Topic:       Strategies for Summer – From Boredom to Overscheduling, How to Best Serve the Gifted Child Over Summer – and how Neurofeedback can help

Who:         Kerri Honaker, MS, MA, LPC, BCN and Charity Finch, MS, LPCC, BCN
When:       Tuesday, May 6, 6-7:30 pm
Cost:         Free

Join Neurofeedback professionals Kerri Honaker and Charity Finch for a lively and engaging discussion about how to make the most of summer for the your gifted child and family.   Kerri and Charity will also speak to how Neurofeedback can help address issues such as ADHD and anxiety in children and how summer can be a great time to “boost the brain” in preparation for the upcoming school year. Additionally, one lucky participant will get to experience neurofeedback during the workshop – and get to witness “real time” how neurofeedback can inform us of our brain patterns and how this powerful modality can help “reprogram” these patterns to create more desired outcomes.

Here is what past clients have said:

“The whole household feels more calm.”

“Subjects I thought were boring have become more interesting!  And sometimes, even fun!“

“My child has developed a confidence in herself.”

3.  Topic:     Beyond Sports: The Lessons Gifted Kids (and their Parents) Can Learn Through Youth Sports
Who:        Todd Barto, Youth Sports Coach and member of the Positive Coaching Alliance
When:      Thursday, May 8, 6-7:30 pm
Cost:         Free

Join Mack parent and Youth Sports Coach Todd Barto for a rich discussion on the value – and learning opportunities – sports can provide for gifted children.  Whether your child is participating in a summer sports league or sports-related camp, you will learn:

  • A coach’s perspective
  • What kids (and parents) can learn from youth sports
  •  The parallels between sports, academics, and life
  • Giftedness and sports
  • How can we help our children navigate qualities such as perfectionism, over-excitabilities, and sensitivities through sports?

4.   Topic:       Transitions:  How to Help the Gifted Child with Closure of the 2013/14 School Year and Segue Into Summer

Who:         Catherine Zakoian MA, LPC, founder of Lumineux Institute Specializing in counseling gifted children families and organizations
When:       Tuesday, May 13, 6-7:30 pm
Cost:         $10 suggested donation

Join local gifted counselor and educational consultant Catherine Zakoian for a rich discussion about why transitions can be hard for gifted learners and how to help your child/children transition from the school year to summer, and back again in the fall.   Catherine will give suggestions for how to create meaningful rituals that help children and families honor anticipation and feelings of loss and uncertainty that can arise when endings or changes occur.   She will also provide tools for how to help children and parents create and live with authentic intention and integration when moving into a new phase in order to gain the most benefit from these life experiences. Catherine has been active within the Boulder gifted community since 2005, most recently offering the three-part salon series, Sanctuary for the Gifted Empath Child for Boulder Valley Gifted and Talented.  We are honored to have her share her wisdom with our community.


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