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What is giftedness? Don’t all children have gifts? Is it about achievement, IQ or the potential to do great things? Or is it a way of being that creates qualitatively different life experiences? What are gifted children’s unique educational and emotional needs?  Can “gifted education” be doled out in 45-minutes once a week or pushed into differentiated classrooms?  What do gifted children really need?

Join us on September 10th @ Mackintosh Academy Boulder for a talk by internationally acclaimed advocate, author and researcher, Dr. Linda Silverman and Boulder Head of School JJ Morrow.   They will discuss a child-centered point of view on giftedness.  You will discover what giftedness is, learn about motivation and gifted children’s distinct educational and emotional needs, and explore the often hidden faces of brilliance.

A reception and book signing will be held at 6:00 pm with the talk immediately to follow at 6:30.

With one of the highest education levels in the country, Boulder, Colorado also has one of the highest rates of giftedness per capita in the United States.  Yet, even in Boulder, giftedness is often maligned or simply misunderstood, seen as the result of economic advantage, ‘hot housing’by helicopter parents or simply as elitist and undemocratic.  Often we hear that “All children have gifts.”Or believe that “smart childrenwill be fine”and can make it on their own. Giftedness often goes unrecognized and can especially be hidden when severe asynchronous development or learning disabilities are also present (Twice Exceptional or 2E students).

In her book, Giftedness 101, Dr. Linda Silverman discusses the essentials of gifted education, dispels common myths, and sets the foundation for a child-centered view of giftedness.  Her focus on five key threads or themes, including divergent thinking, asynchronous development, emotional intensity, strong desire to control one’s learning, and perceptiveness create a roadmap for parents, professionals and educators looking to serve gifted children and their families.

Mackintosh Academy has been addressing the needs of gifted learners for 37 years with a holistic, child-centered point of view. We are a next generation preparatory school nurturing the unique genius in every child so that they can contribute to a world that needs them.  As an accredited IB World School, Mackintosh teaches K-8th graders to be leaders, innovators, experts and contributing global citizens. The school has two Colorado campuses (Boulder and Littleton).The Boulder Campus features 23 acres of open space, design and science labs, art and performing art studios as well as physical education as part of its daily program. Find out more at www.mackintoshacademy.com or for admissions information, please contact Amy Mechels Reichlin (amy@mackintoshacademy.com).

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