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mud1-2We’ve seen the TED Talks. We’ve read the findings from multiple commissions on education in the 21st century, and study after study suggests that innovation and creativity are top priorities for employers across the country. We are living in the innovation age. Yet most students are still experiencing an industrialized model of education. Creativity today is no longer regarded as the exclusive domain of artists, musicians, and “creative” types. Instead, it is a core capacity that is in high demand, impacting all areas of our lives and requiring cultivation in our homes, schools, and communities. What can parents and educators do?


Mackintosh Academy-Boulder’s Head of School JJ Morrow helped create, and has been tapped to chair, the new Innovation and Creativity Committee (ICC) for the Colorado Association Gifted and Talented (CAGT). The ICC will focus on nurturing creativity and innovation in education. One of the main goals of the ICC is to seek out and network educators, schools, and organizations that use, or are interested in implementing, practices that foster the creativity of learners. Morrow says, “Schools need to provide the environments and experiences that nurture and inspire creative problem-solvers, innovators, and collaborators. We want to provide support for educators to help this become the norm.”

To kick off this important conversation, Mackintosh Academy is hosting “Unleashing Creativity,” a panel discussion and learning experience for parents, teachers, professionals, and community members at 6:30pm on January 28th. In addition to Morrow, the panel will include members of the Mackintosh community who use and view creativity in unexpected ways: Ball Aerospace rocket scientist Allison Barto and technology entrepreneur Rob Leathern.

Included in the evening will be a hands-on “unleashing creativity” learning experience created by local design thinking guru, Mekayla Beaver (IDEO, Gloworm). In the process, we hope to help audience members unleash their own creativity – at school, work, at home, and in their community.




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