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elle runningRisin’ up, back on the street, did my time, took my chances…”

In the early fall, Mack Boulder’s Head of School JJ Morrow cranked up “Eye of the Tiger” on a PA system at morning recess and challenged students and faculty to run or walk laps around the bucolic campus during the first Friday Fun Run. With one lap equal to a third of a mile, many students quickly racked up several miles.

The runs have become a regular part of our Fridays, weather permitting. Background music to encourage runners has been tailored to the season: “Monster Mash” for Halloween and a series of love-themed songs entertained runners yesterday. So far the only downside to the runs has been trying to lure students away from the track at the end of recess.

Individual classrooms count and record overall miles per run. The fourth graders figured out that they’ve already run to Georgetown, CO. A banner is in the works for compilation of total miles as a school that will detail the collective march towards geographic points on the way to the Pacific Ocean (and maybe beyond!).

They’re so fun… you get to run and see all the kids! Sometimes the teachers even dance.” says first grader, Hatcher.

Establishing additional meaningful school traditions has been a focus of Morrow’s at Mackintosh-Boulder this school year. Children look forward to traditions whether they are grade-specific or all-school in nature. Traditions are an important part of building positive school culture and creating a sense of belonging to a community. Sometimes the best traditions are born out of a simple idea that can catch fire for children [and adults] of any age.

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