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Take our new virtual tour and see the Mackintosh difference in action.

We are so proud of our new admissions video.  It is different by design – just like our educational program.  The narration is completely student driven and we focus on showing how we “do” things at Mack Boulder. The clips capture the breadth of daily hands-on learning and the unique features of our integrated campus.

I hope this fills you with a growing sense of pride and excitement for our bright future. Our students and teachers are simply awesome. Please help us spread the word by sharing this in every way, shape, and form that you can across social media.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBOKfPYbiQE]

Kyle Rippey volunteered his time, expertise, and passion to help craft this video! Kyle is an accomplished video/photo artist and husband to Elizabeth Rippey (4th grade homeroom teacher). We are already dreaming up a series of additional marketing videos to be filmed and roll out in the late spring. These videos will feature testimonials and interviews about topics ranging from: giftedness, IB framework advantages, importance of SEL, innovation and creativity, and affording independent school.

To see more of Kyle’s work visit: http://www.pipedreamsmedia.net

Mackintosh Academy Littleton