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Mackintosh Academy Littleton – National Environmental Award Winners!

On Friday, April 22, 2016, on Earth Day, four Mackintosh Academy Littleton 8th graders received the President’s Environmental Youth Award (PEYA) from the EPA Region 8 Director of Communication and Public Involvement, Paula Smith and the President of the United States.  This prestigious, national environmental award is given to youth in the ten EPA regions across the country for exceptional work in environmental affairs.  There are only two winners selected from each region.

Joining our Earth Day celebration was Joseph Graves from the State of Colorado Governor’s Office, Bruce Beckman, Mayor of Littleton, and Debbie Brinkman, Mayor Pro Tem of Littleton.  After the singing and celebration, our community demonstrated our commitment to action by cleaning a local park, building a meditative labyrinth, and installing terracing which will stop water runoff and increase our plantable space.

Our Mack students earned this award by writing a State Farm Youth Advisory Board grant when they were in 6th grade.  This grant, $96,000, which paid for solar panels to be installed on all Mack Littleton campus buildings, has also invigorated our campus and motivated all students to guide our Smart Village. Learn more about other sustainable activities taking place at Mack Littleton.

This grant is not just about utilizing our abundant Colorado solar energy!  These incredible students stipulated in the grant that the money saved from our energy spending be put into a scholarship fund so students who might not ordinarily attend Mackintosh Academy Littleton can!  This year alone, we have realized nearly $2500 in energy savings.

Take the time to show your support of our Solar Students AND Mackintosh Academy Littleton by contributing to the Solar Scholarship today.

Samara Rasmussen, Director of Development, Mackintosh Academy Littleton

Mackintosh Academy Littleton