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HouseThe 1st and 2nd grade class at Mackintosh Academy Littleton is full of action-oriented children ready to take on the world.  Selah C., Milo V., Graham H., and Dante B. have formed up the 1-2 Environmental Club and have now collected trash all over campus, set up a natural composting pit, and are collaborating with the Head of School Diane Dunne to have the wasp traps removed because the traps are also catching bees.

In order to show Ms. Dunne they are taking action and to make the school cleaner, these students rolled up their sleeves and got to work.  “It’s disgusting,” cries Milo when asked what it’s like to pick up trash on campus.  Selah says, “It feels exhausting, but it feels good to help the environment.  We’re kind of running around looking for trash.”  The students pick up trash everyday whenever they see it – in fact, they picked up three pieces of trash during this interview!


Concern for bees is driving the other main initiative of the 1-2 Environmental Club.  Wasp traps on campus are also catching bees and the children are very concerned about pollinators.  The students approached Ms. Dunne about taking down the wasp traps and an invigorating conversation about bees and students who are allergic to bees ensued.  quoteCurrently, these students are actively engaged in research to demonstrate whether school campuses with wasp traps have a lower incidence of humans being stung by bees or not.  Once the students have their research, they are going back to Ms. Dunne with information and possible solutions.

This action is completely student driven.  This group of students started cleaning up campus before letting their teacher, Mrs. Pausback, in on it. During community meeting in April, 2016, the students shared what they were doing with the class.  Using their Keen Minds and Compassionate Hearts, these students are taking Global Action to clean up their school and show other kids what is possible.


Mackintosh Academy Littleton