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designIn April, six 7th grade Mack Littleton students were selected as one team out of 90 applicants to participate in the 7th annual Weather and Science Day at Coors Field!  On May 11, 2016, from 10:30-11:30am Katie French, Ally Procopio, Ella Schmitt, Gillian Schwanitz, Quinn Yates, and Sam Pausback, who were featured on 9News, will test their theory and design of a tetrahedron created with rubber bands as the perfect shape to prevent the egg from breaking upon its 50 foot drop!

Mrs. Alison Weems, the team’s teacher, has been guiding the student’s work through the tenets of our IB curriculum – which means the students are questioning, researching, and developing their design through trial and error.

Did you know?  Per Quinn Yates: “squishability is a scientific term!”

The Colorado Rockies , 9NEWS (KUSA) Steve Spangler Science and Colorado State University have teamed up to launch the 7th Annual Weather and Science Day at Coors Field on May 11, 2016. We will update this post with results!

Please join Mackintosh Academy Littleton, Colorado State University’s Extension program, America’s Science Teacher – Steve Spangler and the 9News Weather Team for this educational event that incorporates physics, math and meteorology into unique science experiments.


Mackintosh Academy Littleton