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It might be winter, but our Smart Village is still GREEN!

We’re excited to announce that Mack Littleton has been awarded a $4602 grant from the Colorado Garden Foundation to improve our greenhouse program! Congrats to 7/8 teacher Alison Becker Weems for spearheading this grant application!

14917173_1376146212398404_4847233674030903378_oWe will be able to purchase and install a hydroponic system that will not only increase crop production but will provide unique opportunities for experimentation for all students. The grant will also be used to purchase and install an effective, reliable watering system to maintain consistent humidity and moisture levels, and an automated drip/soaker hose system for the outdoor terraces and a misting system in the greenhouse. All of our students will benefit from this new greenhouse equipment and we will be able to incorporate the greenhouse into our curriculum across the grades. We are very excited to continue to improve green initiatives in our Smart Village!

For more coverage of our green initiatives, see this article in 5280 Magazine.

Mackintosh Academy Littleton