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intro to gifted event nov. 6 2019

Intro to Gifted

We’re hosting a free talk, open to all parents who’ve ever wondered what this “gifted” thing is all about!

Sometimes the children who make up the top 2% of intellectual potential are quite a mystery. They can be very sensitive, but other times defiantly proclaiming a need for justice. They understand everything possible about dinosaurs, but refuse to do homework about colonial life. They converse like wise elders, but they are still just children.

When: Nov. 6, 2019,  6-7 pm
Where: Mackintosh Academy, 7018 S. Prince St., Littleton, 80120
Who: Any parent who’s ever been intrigued, perplexed, frustrated, or amazed by their bright, quirky, creative, sensitive kid’s behavior!
The Scoop: We have answers for you! Mackintosh 5th and 6th grade teacher Tari St.Marie has studied giftedness for 20+ years, and has a M.Ed in Gifted Education, as well as being the mother of three (young adult) gifted children of her own. She will talk about many aspects of giftedness, from theories and neuroscience to characteristics that frequently occur among gifted students (and adults), common challenges that affect gifted students at school, and some strategies to help ease them. Don’t miss this chance to experience Tari’s wit and wisdom firsthand, and come away with a greater understanding of your own wonderful, mysterious, delightful, sometimes frustrating gifted children! RSVP’s requested via email to frontoffice (at) mackintoshacademy (dot) com!

Mackintosh Academy Littleton