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This Wednesday, January 28th at 6:30 pm, we’re “Unleashing Creativity” on the Mackintosh Boulder Campus.

Today, creativity is no longer regarded as the exclusive domain of artists and “creative” types. Instead it is a core capacity that is in high demand across our lives.  Join our panel of experts as we explore creativity at work and in life today.

TOPIC:   Unleashing Creativity

DATE:     Wednesday, JAN 28

TIME:        6:30 – 8:00 pm

PLACE:     Mackintosh Academy
6717 South Boulder Road
Boulder, CO 80303

RSVP:    amy@mackintoshacademy.com

Our panel will include members of the Mackintosh community who use and view creativity in unexpected ways, including our very own Ball Aerospace “Rocket Scientist” Allison Barto, Technology Entrepreneur Rob Leathern, and creativity/innovation advocate and Head of School, JJ Morrow. The evening will include a hands-on learning experience designed by local design thinking guru Mekayla Beaver (IDEO, Glowworm) to unleash your own creativity and “bring insights home.”

Mackintosh Academy Littleton