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joe at white houseLittleton 5/6 teacher Joe Pausback was recently named as a Thought Partner for ThinkSpace, a brand new creative hub of innovation for educators. ThinkSpace is a project of Share Fair Nation, sponsored by the Morgridge Family Foundation. Because of Joe’s previous experience as a presenter at Share Fair Nation, where he shared his innovative classroom work with other educators, he was nominated as a ThinkSpace Thought Partner. The nominating committee also recognized Joe’s impressive work in the field of education and his collaborative spirit. As a Thought Partner, Joe will be a voice for educators and their needs, addressing programming, membership, recruitment and community outreach.

ThinkSpace will open this winter in Lakewood, CO. It will offer state-of-the-art meeting facilities, areas that foster collaboration, and the latest in interactive technology. ThinkSpace will offer innovative programming for educators, in addition to flexible spaces for small and large gatherings of thinkers and innovators. ThinkSpace will also house Share Fair Nation, a nonprofit providing inspiring professional learning. The organization is dedicated to upholding education as an art, igniting creativity, and fostering the qualities of unbridled entrepreneurialism.

Mackintosh Academy First Day of School 2016-17We know that Joe will be a valuable collaborator as a ThinkSpace Thought Partner, bringing the creative and innovative ideas that manifest in his classroom each day to the broader community of educators! Bravo, Joe!

Mackintosh Academy Littleton