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Middle School at Mack: Hands-on, Nurturing, and Fun

Middle School at Mack: Hands-on, Nurturing, and Fun

When you think of your middle school memories, what comes to mind? Awkwardness and braces? Pushing your way through crowded hallways? Hours spent memorizing math equations and highlighting dry history textbooks? Mackintosh Academy’s Middle Years students look...

“X Peeps” Become “Xperts”: The PYP Exhibition from the Students’ Perspective

By Student Guest Bloggers Grace M. and Henry P. Contributors: David R. and Mrs. Muhich Students enrolled in International Baccalaureate programs across the world end their Primary Years Program, or PYP, with the Exhibition.  Exhibition looks different around the...

Eighth Grade Capstone Projects Make an Impact in the World

At Mackintosh, education isn’t just book learning – it’s also about taking action and making an impact in the community. Last week, the Mack Littleton eighth grade class presented their community service capstone projects to the school community. The community project...
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